Prof. Dr Ec. Sc. Kalyu Donev
90 Years Of Traditions And Challenges In The Development Of University Of Economics - Varna
Prof. Dr Ec. Sc. Boyko Atanasov ,Assoc. Prof. Dr Plamen Iliev
Mathematics And Economics
Assoc. Prof. Dr Nadya Kostova
Some Accounting And Taxation Aspects Of The Sale Of Business Enterprises
Prof. Dr Ilia Lichev , Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Yulian Vasilev
Technological Development Of Information Processes Aimed At Reporting Economic Operations In Industrial Business
Assoc. Prof. Dr Dancho Danchev
Contemporary Issues In The Development Of Retail Trade
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Ivan Yovchev
Theoretical And Methodological Foundations Of The Analysis Of The Financial State And Application With Leading Construction Enterprises
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Slavi Genov
Methodological Issues Of The Preparation And Submission Of The Cash Flow Statement
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Nadezhda Popova - Yosifova , Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Daniela Georgieva
Provisions In Accounting Theory And Practice
Prof. Dr Grozdan Karadzhov , Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Denka Zlateva
A Study Of The Changes In Free Amino Acids Content During The Production Of Wheat Bread
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Sabka Pashova
A Study Of The Quality Of Cherries And Morello Cherries
Dr Valentina Makni
Theoretical Foundations Of International Migration
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