Assoc. Prof. Dr Konstantin Kalinkov
The Functional Approach In Urban Planning And Development
Assoc. Prof. Dr Dancho Danchev
Conceptual Aspects Of The Integration Between The Social Networks And The Retail Business
Assoc. Prof. Dr Anastasia Stancheva, Assoc. Prof. Dr Dobrin Dobrev, Assist. Prof. Veselina Maksimova
The Competitive Dynamics Approach
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Nikoleta Mihaleva
Contemporary Culture Facing New Value Landmarks
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Viliyan Krastev
Development And Achievements Of The Geography Of Tourism In Italy
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Stoyan Kirov
Anti-Deficit Management Of Private Defined Benefit Schemes
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Genka Rafailova
The Intersectoral Cluster Approach For The Development Of Tourism And The Tourist Destination
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Dimitar Rafailov, Assist. Prof. Mirena Trifonova
Determinants Of The Dividend Policy Of Bulgarian Companies
Chief Assist. Prof. Maria Veleva
Theoretical Моdel Of The Customer Care Concept
Assist. Prof. Veniamin Todorov
Financial Crises And Country Risk Of Emerging Markets
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