Prof. Dr Ec. Sc. Nikolinka Salova
90th Anniversary Of The Yearbook Of University of Economics – Varna
Prof. Dr Zoya Mladenova
Topical Aspects of The Discussion on The Globalization of The Economy
Prof. Dr Konstantin Kalinkov
The Realization of a New Administrative and Territorial Planning of Republic of Bulgaria - Basis for Applying The European Principles of Regionalism
Assoc. Prof. Dr Hist. Sc. Pencho Penchev
From Periphery to Semi-Periphery. Naum Dolinski (1890-1968) in the History of Bulgarian Economic Thought
Assoc. Prof. Dr Lyubomir Georgiev, Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Nedyalko Valkanov, Andrian Yambolov
The Competitiveness-Stability Relation from The Viewpoint of The Bank System in Bulgaria
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Yuliyan Narlev
A Study of Social Enterprises and Social Innovation in The Non-Commercial Sector
Prof. Dr Stefan Vachkov
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