Prof. Dr Tanya Dabeva
Management Contracts In The Hotel Industry And Their Application In Bulgaria
Assoc. Prof. Dr Rumen Kalchev
Development Of Occupational Safety And Health In Construction In Bulgaria
Assoc. Prof. Dr Stanka Zhekova
Comprehensive Analysis Of The Positions Of Member States At The Start Of The Strategy Europe 2020
Assoc. Prof. Dr Rosen Nikolaev, Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Tanka Milkova
Models For Optimal Attachment Of Consumers To Suppliers
Assoc. Prof. Dr Mihal Stoyanov
Contemporary Issues Of Culture In Commerce
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Miglena Dushkova
Franchising As A Contemporary Form Of Organization Of Trade In Bulgaria
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Daniela Georgieva
Applied Aspects Of The Analysis Of Financial Statements In The Context Of The Concept „Going Concern”
Chief Assist. Prof. Yordan Petkov
Continuous Model Of The Movement Of Human Resources (After The Example Of The District Of Varna)
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