Manuscripts for publication in the Annual Book are accepted in Bulgarian or English.

The manuscripts must comply with the following requirements:


The manuscripts are received at the email address of the Annual Book, along with a hard copy corresponding to the incoming electronic copy registered with the secretary of the Annual Book. Authors attach two files to their email. The first file contains the scientific manuscript and no personal information on the authors. The second file contains the name, academic degree and academic rank of the author(s), place of employment, address of the institution, e-mail of the author(s) and grounds for conflict of interest (if any). If there are more than one author, in the second file there is specified the leading author as well as the ordering of the remaining authors. Upon submission of the manuscripts on paper, the document containing the details on the authors is signed by them.


The receipt of the manuscripts is confirmed by e-mail.

University or Economics - Varna
77 “Knyaz Boris I” blvd.
9002 – Varna, Bulgaria

Prof. Dr Plamen Iliev,
Tel. 0888 896 455

Deputy editor-in-chief:
Prof. Dr Andriyana Andreeva,
Tel. 0882 165 163

Technical secretary:
Emilia Kirecheva,
Tel. 0882 164 725