The publication aims at becoming a forum for the presentation of scientific theories, research works and ideas in the field of economics. Along with that, having in mind that the economy operates in society and is the result of the interaction between organizations and individuals, and that the scientific approach to the study of any subject area requires an innovative approach, the publication provides the opportunity to present ideas and research on the development and the functioning of society and the individual, as well as in the area of the general and the particular methodology of science.

The publication pursues a policy of open access and promotes pluralism in scientific research.



In the Annual Book, following a double-blind review, there are approved for publication original manuscripts of scientific studies (research papers), 21 to 60 pages in length, in the following areas and fields:

  1. from the area of Humanities: the fields of Philosophy, Foreign Languages and History;
  2. from the area of Social, Economic and Legal Sciences: the fields of Law, Administration and Management, Economics and Tourism;
  3. from the area of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Informatics: the fields of Mathematics as well as Informatics and Computer Sciences;
  4. from the area of Technical Sciences: the fields of Materials and Materials Science, Chemical Technology and Food Technology;
  5. from the area of Public Health and Sport: the field of Sport.


The scientific study is a relatively complete scientific concept, representing an original piece of research on a particular separately identified problem, set out in a detailed and thorough manner. Studies can be subdivided into:

  1. Theoretical and methodological. In these there is presented mainly the author's own fundamental theoretical and methodological research.
  2. Applied and research. In these there are presented mainly the author's own applied research and summarized empirical experience.
  3. Review. In these there are discussed results published in a particular scientific area and are analyzed the hitherto existing achievements on the subject.


As an exception, by decision of the editorial board there may be approved for publication studies of up to 120 pages in length, provided they are of utmost importance to the development of scientific thought.

In the Annual Book there may be published editorials devoted to important events and anniversaries of up to 10 pages in length.


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